Every single experiment I did as a programmer began in this way: show Hello, World! on the monitor. Therefore I decided to start this new experiment (writing a blog) in the same way.

Who knows me well can tell that I never did my best in humanities, therefore “writing a blog” is not exactly in my style. However, I strongly believe that sharing experiences is essential in my job for two main reasons:

  • if you are able to explain something to someone else, you appreciate its real meaning or, at worst, you realize that you can still learn something about it;
  • you give yourself the chance to get feedbacks and thoughts from others. There is nothing more worthy than being able to look at yourself from another prospective.

That’s why I decided to start this new adventure. I hope you will enjoy it too, and to read lots of your comments!

P.S. If I have not been clear, and probably I was not, this blog will not talk about kittens, flowers or politics. It will be focused on software development and specifically on techs and people. Maybe I am going to open another blog for the other topics… or maybe not. Stay tuned!