I was a kid in Castello when, for the first time, I met with a Commodore 64. The game didn’t load, nothing happened but a blinking cursor on the screen. Immediately I typed a command on the keyboard waiting for an answer… after all, WarGames was released just few years earlier.

At thirteen I was probably one of the few kids knowing exactly what to do when grown up: programming computers and let them do what I want. I didn’t know what that exactly meant but, as soon as I could, I began to experiment!

Since then, I have learnt to develop using several languages (Pascal, C, C++, Prolog, Java, Perl, PHP, Matlab, C#, JavaScript), development environments (Turbo Pascal, Turbo C++, vi w/ gcc, Borland C++ Builder, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Android Studio, QT Creator), and different platforms. Nevertheless, still for a long time, I didn’t knew what software development meant.

After an undefined number of attempts, and a good deal of mistakes, I understood that software development doesn’t just mean using the latest programming language or the trendiest framework. I learnt that it mostly means to work with people. Therefore, in the latter years, beside playing and working with the latest technologies, I began to eagerly explore Agile practices.

Today I am a software enthusiast: architect, developer, and technology scout. Agile addicted. MCSD - App Builder, MCSA - Cloud Platform, CSM, and CSPO. Enjoy in constantly growing while crafting awesome software, and helping others doing the same.