As promised in my previous post, in this article I examine practical aspects related to DDD and, in particular to CQRS and Event Sourcing patterns. The main goal of my experiment is to implement an aggregate according to the Event Sourcing paradigm, and to create a separate read model to feed the pages of a Web application. Before presenting the example, I am going to briefly introduce the main architectural patterns that have been used since DDD launch.
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I was inspired to such an extent by Evans’ Blue Book, that I got passionate about Domain-Driven Design. I was still in the United States when, four months in advance, I registered to the Strategic Domain-Driven Design workshop held by Alberto Brandolini (aka ziobrando) and organized by Avanscoperta. I definitely wanted to attend. Then, taken from the day to day activities, I lost the sense of time, when mid-October, I received an email from Avanscoperta that reminded me of the upcoming course.
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