After my first experiment with functional programming, I decided to further study it in depth. Therefore, last March I attended “Lean and Functional Domain Modelling” workshop, organized by Avanscoperta, and held by Marcello Duarte. The workshop gave me good hints about functional modeling and fueled my curiosity to learn Scala and experiment more this paradigm. In order to tackle this challenge I studied and practiced a lot. After some months, and several discussions with Matteo Baglini, I have been able to put together the puzzle, and I wrote this post.
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For those who loves Tolkien, the title could seem uppish. After all, I traveled 7.600 km, much more than Bilbo and fellowship, I met people I could hardly understand, and I talked to a dragon… Ok, the latter is not true, but let me believe so 😃 Jokes aside, I spent the first six months of this year in Indianapolis, USA. In this period, I had the chance to appreciate how lively Indiana’s tech community is.
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